Thank you for your interest in the Carolina Rapids 2017 Soccer Series presented by Novant Health Huntersville!

Team Check – In
All teams are required to check-in at one of the Team Check-In events.
Failure to check-in will result in automatic disqualification without a refund.
Teams must provide the appropriate information as listed on the Team Check-In page.

Team Roster/Player Passes

  • You must participate with your 2016-17 Roster and Player Passes as appropriate.
  • Maximum roster size is U9/U10 - 12 players, U11/U12 – 14 players, U13-U19 – 18 players.
  • 4 Guest players are allowed for each team. Guest players must meet all requirements for individual team players.
  • Teams must be properly registered and in good standing with their state and/or national associations.
  • All teams must have current registered association (US Club/US Youth/USSF) player passes or the appropriate national association passes to participate. Passes must be verified, laminated and have a photo attached (as appropriate).
  • At the beginning of each game the coach must present to the referee a tournament approved roster. Referee will check credentials.
  • A player whom arrives late at the playing field may enter the game with the permission of the center referee.
  • The shirt number of each player must be the same as the player’s shirt number on the tournament roster.
  • Players can dual roster on no more than two age appropriate teams if the player is on both teams approved tournament rosters.


  • Each team is allowed three coaches on the sideline; all coaching staff must be on the team roster. No team will be allowed to participate without a roster approved coach.
  • All coaches have total responsibility for the conduct of their players, substitutes and spectators at all times.

A forfeit shall be awarded if a team is not present and prepared to play within five minutes of the scheduled commencement time. It is requested that teams be present 30 minutes in advance of the scheduled commencement of a match to aid in the timely start of play. Seven players constitute a team when playing 11 v 11. Six players constitute a team when playing 8 v 8. Four players constitute a team when playing 6 v 6.


Regardless of weather conditions, coaches and their teams must appear at the respective field site, ready to play as scheduled unless otherwise directed by the tournament communication network. Failure to appear will result in forfeiture of the match. Only the Tournament Director may cancel or postpone a match. Referees may suspend a match. In the case of severe weather, in his/her discretion, Tournament Directors may cancel any and all games. In case of severe weather that occurs after the beginning of play, the Tournament Director may reduce the length of the match and may discontinue or cancel the game. Should a match be terminated due to weather conditions after 15 minutes of play for 25 minute halves and 20 minutes of play for 30 and 35 minute halves, the match will be considered official and the score at the time will stand. If a match is terminated prior to 15 minutes of play for 25 minute halves and 20 minutes of play for 30 and 25 minute halves every attempt will be made to complete the match. However, if necessary, other means, determined by the tournament committee, may be used to determine a winner or a tie will be assessed to these teams. Referees and field managers will not consider beginning or continuing matches when a lightning storm exists. No refunds will be given in the event of cancellation.

Player Equipment

  • All players must have team uniforms with individual numbers, excluding the Goalkeeper.
  • No jewelry may be worn by the player (e.g. necklace, earrings, watches, etc.).
  • Players wearing casts are allowed to play with the approval of the referee assignor and/or the tournament director.
  • Shinguards must be worn at all times by all players and underneath the sock.
  • All referee decisions are final in regards to player equipment.
  • Where jersey colors conflict, the designated home team, which will be first listed on the schedule will change. The designated visiting team is requested to help resolve conflicts.

Laws of the Game
All Tournament matches will be played in accord with the Laws of the Game as issued by FIFA

Division Ball Size Length of
U9 4 25 minutes 12 $375
U10 4 25 minutes 12 $375
U11 4 30 minutes 14 $550
U12 (8v8 Only) 4 30 minutes 14 $550
U13 5 35 minutes 18 $595
U14 5 35 minutes 18 $595
U15 5 35 minutes 18 $595
U16 (Boys Only) 5 35 minutes 18 $595
U17 (Boys Only) 5 35 minutes 18 $595
U18/Open (Boys Only) 5 35 minutes 18 $595
U19/Open (Boys Only) 5 35 minutes 18 $595

U9/U10 - Three Game Minimum (weather permitting)
U11/U19 - Three Game Minimum (weather permitting)

U9/U10 Specific Rules
There is no punting allowed.
Opposing teams must be in their own half for all goal kicks.
There is no offsides.

U9 - U12 Specific Rules
No Heading

The Soccer Series or Carolina Rapids Soccer Club or the tournament sponsors/vendors are not responsible for any expense incurred by any team or club if the tournament is canceled in whole or in part for ANY reason.
The Tournament Director reserves the right to decide on all matters pertaining to the tournament and their individual or joint decision is final. All referee decisions are final and binding.

No refunds will be given in the event of partial or full cancellation of the Tournament due to the Weather or Unplayable Field conditions.

Match Officials
All games will be officiated with certified referees by USSF.
All player, spectators and coaches are expected to present themselves in a sportsmanlike manner, dissent will not be tolerated.
Assistant Referee: In the event that two official assistant referees are not available due to absence or extenuating circumstance, each team shall provide a line person for their side of the field. If only two officials appear at a match, the match shall proceed with a club lines-person, at the referee's discretion. All U11-U19 games will use a three-man referee system.  All U9/U10 games will use a one-man referee system.

Results and Standings
No Results or Standings are posted for the Friendlies or Youth Festival.

Substitutions shall be unlimited, but made only at the following times

  • Any dead ball.
  • An injured player may be substituted for at the discretion of the referee. If a substitution is made for the injured player, the opposing team may also make one substitution (with the referee's acknowledgment).
  • All substitutions must enter the playing field at the half way line with permission from the referee and should not enter the playing field until the player they are replacing has reached the touchline.

Any player ejected from a match will be replaced but will not be allowed to participate in his team’s immediate next match. Ejection for fighting by players and coaches will result in the player or coach not being allowed to participate in any remaining tournament matches. Any coach ejected from a match will not be allowed to coach his/her team in its immediate next match. Each coach is responsible for the conduct of the players and parents on his/her team. Coaches not taking responsibility for their sideline’s conduct may be cautioned and/or ejected. Coaches, players, or spectators ejected must not be within "sight or sound" of the playing field. In accordance with FIFA rules, only players will be shown a card (yellow or red) when being cautioned or sent off.
No alcohol is permitted on at the fields.

Teams will occupy one side of the field with each in their own half. Spectators will occupy the opposite side of the field opposite their team. Signs will be displayed to clearly mark this.

None allowed

All disputes will be settled by the Tournament Director or his designee and the decision will be final.

Field Marshals
If you have any questions before, during, or after games please contact a field marshal on duty at your field. They are here to help and answer questions. If needed they will contact the tournament director.