Weather Information Soccer Series Weather Policy

Carolina Rapids follows State and National Referee Association guidelines for electrical storms. The rule is cautiously referred to as the "30-30" rule. If there is less than thirty seconds between lightning and thunder, get off the field and wait thirty minutes until AFTER the last thunder is heard. If you can hear the thunder, but can't see the lightning, it is best to get off the fields to be safe. If you hear thunder again before the 30 minutes wait time has elapsed, then the clock to wait another 30 minutes starts all over again. For example, if thunder is heard in the 28th minute after the last lightning was seen, we have to wait another 30 minutes. If no thunder is heard again, then the total wait time is therefore, 58 minutes.

The decision to vacate the fields due to electrical storms will come from a centralized area (tournament tent) by sound of an air horn. Once blown all players, coaches, referees and parents need to vacate the fields immediately.